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Parents, here is a list of equipment needed. These items will need to be purchased separately by the player:

Required Equipment:

  1. Vegas Gold colored Helmet with a black or green facemask & Chin Strap (please contact your head coach for team color)
  2. Shoulder pads (must fit 1" overlap of the top part of the shoulder)
  3. Mouth guard
  4. Cup and jock
  5. Cleats: MUST be molded bottoms for 1st - 6th grade, screw-in tips are allowed for 7th - 8th grade.
  6. Practice Pants, we strongly suggest "integrated pants", with the pads already sewn into them (Hip, Tail, Thigh and Knee pads)
  7. If you purchase "slotted pants" instead of integrated, you'll need to purchase the body pads set with the hip, tail, thigh and knee pads, too)
  8. Practice jersey

Optional Equipment:
  1. Clear (not tinted) Visor  (Be careful here; read the visor box to assure it says "Clear" not "Smoke" or "Tinted")
  2. Gloves
  3. Elbow pads
  4. Forearm pads
  5. Hand pads